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Invest Mindset

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  • Highly practical, no useless theoryThe courses we provide are highly practical with a lot of actionable lessons and takeaway. We don't just teach you concepts, we teach you how to actually follow those lessons in real life
  • Learn from the best in the worldWe have been teaching finance, personal finance and investing related topics to the Indian's and has gained more than 50,00,00,000 views. Soon, we will expand our network to the whole world.
  • Easy to understand for any non-finance personAll the lessons are presented in a layman’s language with a lot of stories, anecdotes, and relevant case studies. Our courses are designed with a lot of effort to keep it interesting and knowledgeable.

Invest Mindset Academy was built for YOU to help you level-up your game of money, mindset, and happiness. Vast majority of Indians are failing financially. IMAcademy was built so you can learn what is needed to achieve financial freedom.


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About Invest Mindset

Invest Mindset is a social media company that focuses on helping individuals learn investing, become financially smart, and achieve financial freedom. With over 60 million views, 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and other platforms, we provide valuable content and resources to our community. Join our community now to get financially free

the founder of Invest Mindset, come from a middle-class background where investing in stocks was seen as “risky” or “gambling”. However, I discovered the incredible power of compounding in the stock market and its potential for financial growth. After reading 100s of books on self-help, investing and other categories, I’ve achieved financial freedom.

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