A brief history about my journey so far

At the age of 12

I started working when I was in my high school (7th standard) and learned the skill of electrician (doing electric wiring for house, repair electric gadgets such as fan, lights) in a small shop in my locality in less than a year. So that I could become an electric technician and run my own shop in future (this is what my parents aspired for me).

At the age of 16

While pursuing my SSC (10th Std.) my father was struck with a serious illness and couldn’t work any further. I wanted to study further but we had no means of financial support for bread and butter, forget my college expenses. Hence I thought it’s time for me to chip in for family expenses.

I started working at a local shop near my house where I used to get Rs. 2500/month as salary, which was often not paid on time. I used to work 10-12 hours a day with no week offs and majority of my work included washing fridge and washing machines. I knew this was not going to work for long term hence I switched as a salesman in local distributor of Pepsi & Lays where I was hired with a salary of Rs. 5000/month. That’s double than the previous job, exciting. However, I had to walk all day from shops to shop (about 5km of walking per day) to take orders and then go in the evening to deliver it with the delivery van. It was tedious and tiresome. I left that job and worked here and there for quite some time.

At the age of 19

Someone suggested me to try in a call center as you can get paid more with comfortable working condition. I gave the interview in a BPO and HURRAY!! I was selected. The package was Rs. 12,000/month. I got my offer letter and when I showed it to my mum, she was in tears, that was quite an emotional moment. (one of the happiest days of my life).

After working for few years and upgrading to better company, I felt comfortable and stable. I starting living a better life because now the income was decent and I could spend on luxuries, yayy!

Straight Roads Do Not Make Skillful Drivers”

Paulo Coelho

When I was 25

Dec 2018, all of a sudden, one fine day I was diagnosed with serious condition of gastric ulcer and also a part of my small intestine was swollen. This is a fatal disease and usually takes months/years to get cured. I had no idea how this happened. I was still the only breadwinner in the family but all of a sudden the income stopped. My employer asked me to resign as I was not fit to work.

I had little to no income saved for emergencies and was literally depressed. Little did I knew, depression was one of the symptoms for my condition and it made it even worse. Doctors gave me medicine to combat depression but it was no of use.

All of a sudden, I lost 20kg in a span of 2 months and waist size reduced by 6′ inches.

This is me


It was difficult; I was down with a chronic disease, no savings, no purpose or goal in life. Many of my friends thought its the end for me or probably its going to be difficult for me to come back. I use to hear a lot of negative comments from people stating life has been so harsh on me.

However, my approach was little different than many others. I become more positive and motivated than ever after this health condition. I was constantly searching for ways to overcome this situation. Kept on reading, introspecting and motivating myself. Read a lot of books during this phase which helped me develop and keep my mindset straight.

My life changed forever and I learned many important lessons from this illness. If I look back, I only see this illness came for a good reason and I only take positives out of it.

Since then I’ve not stopped and there was not a single day when I’ve not read the book or learned something new.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

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Everyone have their own story and this is my story so far. I’m sure you must have had your own struggles and sacrifices. If you have something then please share it in the comment or on the contact-us form and I’ll share it on the main page. Also if you learned something from my story or was inspired then don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

Take care and keep rocking!