About Me

My name is Mohsin Mansuri. I’m from Mumbai, India.

I was born in a typical conservative middle-class family where investing in stock is considered as a kind of gambling or you’d only lose money. “It’s too risky” they say. Since childhood, we’re taught to work by selling our time until our children are young enough to work and take responsibility to feed us.

However, my approach in life has always been different. I like to discovered things on my own and viewed everything that comes across me from a broader point of view.

When I realized the power of compounding, I was amazed. Because it is such a powerful force that can make or break your financial health in long term. But I was also shocked with the fact that people ignore investing in it because of their limited understanding of risk.

Hence the idea of invest mindset developed. This web site is for people who are willing to learn stocks, investing, build an ever growing invest mindset and everything that helps them achieve financial freedom and peace.

I’ve done graduation in management studies from Mumbai University, currently studying Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA, USA).

Since childhood, I’ve always been hungry for learning. I read whatever I get my hands on but my preferred books are regarding investing, corporate finance, philosophy and history.

It has been an interesting journey about my life so far. With all the ups and downs, reaching at this stage.

Based on my experience, I think the world is changing constantly and it is now a mandate to have an invest mindset (as compared to a fixed mindset) should you wish to live a happy life or at least retire happily.

You can read the 6 principles to achieve financial success prepared by me by clicking here that I follow and would strongly recommend you as well.

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Thanks for visiting this site and keep rocking! 🙂