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Why did I start Invest Mindset?

Vast majority of Indians are failing financially. Some of the common mistakes they make: taking too much debt, becoming the victim of lifestyle inflation, not being able to understand compounding, mixing insurance with investments, buying stocks based on tips, not being able to crack the credit card mystery, not having a term or medical plan, not maintaining emergency funds, in fact, not being able to distinguish between assets and liabilities.

All these things are not taught in schools. So instead of understanding these basics themselves, people leave it on chance and when the time is bad, they say: “Life is hard.”

About me

I was born in a typical conservative middle-class family where investing in stock was considered a kind of glorified gambling. You’d lose all your money. “It’s too risky,” they said.

The only investment options we consider ‘safe’ are gold, real estate, or fixed deposit. But what people don’t know is that gold doesn’t make you rich, it only keeps up with inflation. If you’re starting from scratch to build your fortune, investing in real estate is not possible for many because you need huge capital at the start. As a result, people often fall into the 30 year home loan trap. And fixed deposit is a useless investment. Absolutely useless. 

Since childhood, we’re taught to work by selling our time until our children are young enough to work and take responsibility to feed us. So our children become our retirement fund and our parents become our emergency fund. However, my approach to life has always been different. I like to discover things on my own and questioned everything that came across me from a broader perspective.

When I understood the power of compounding, I was amazed. Especially its application in the stock market. It is such a powerful force that can make or break your financial health in long term. It’s unfortunate that people ignore using it to their benefit because of their lack of knowledge and ignorance.

The second thing that amazes me is the Internet and the power of words. It’s truly fascinating that just a few words can change someone’s life forever. Someone sitting in a different part of the globe whom you’ve never personally met and probably never will. But you can still communicate with them and share your thoughts like you are best friends.

Hence the idea of Invest Mindset developed. This website is for people who are willing to learn the game of money, investing, build an ever-growing Invest Mindset, and everything that helps them achieve true financial freedom, peace, happiness, and worry-free life.

I read whatever I get my hands on but my preferred genre is investing, corporate finance, history, psychology, and philosophy. I enjoy reading and I aim to read for a few hours every day. I share my learning here, on my Youtube or on Twitter.

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Imagine being 60+ years old and needing your children’s help to survive for all the expenses. When you had a 40+ year-long career, enough free time, internet, free resources, and all the relevant tools to learn and grow. I couldn’t imagine something like this hence I took some risks that have paid off. Based on my experience, I think the world is changing constantly and it is now a mandate to have an invest mindset instead of a fixed mindset should you wish to live a happy life or at least retire happily.

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For another day..

There are so many beautiful things in life other than money. But the best thing money can buy is time. If you’re busy throughout your life struggling to earn money then you cannot enjoy other happiness of life. So get rid of this money problem asap so you can focus on those.

Money is definitely important. But it’s not the ultimate goal. Because when you get rich, you’ll realize it wasn’t money that you were seeking in the first place. Rich people have same money problems as poor people. It’s just with more zeros. So what do we really want?

What you really want is a calm mind, a fit body and a house full of love. You want financial freedom — control of your time to do things you love and be with people you love. And you obviously don’t get all of these by watching the TV or being on social media all the time. So you have to come here at this unique place. Because very few people understand the difference between pleasure and happiness.

But that’s for another day…