Open Free Demat (India)


I have tied up with Upstox to help new investors start their Investment Journey.

Upstox is a Ratan Tata funded startup and is one of the Highest Rated Application in India.

I have an account with Upstox that I’ve been using from a very long time. My experience with them is pretty great. They have a beautifully designed App that I use for my transactions on the go. I only recommend things that I personally use and I like their overall service.

Benefits with Upstox: –

  1. Open your Demat & Trading Account Free
  2. No brokerage for buying stocks at all for delivery. (Great advantage as I buy in small quantities frequently whenever the prices go down, so you have no fear of charges).
  3. You only pay (0.05% or ₹20, whichever is lower) per order when you sell. (I don’t sell often as I only buy and accumulate stocks. I enjoy the dividends which gets credited directly to my bank account).
  4. Upstox also offers 3-in-1 account. (Saving Account + Demat Account + Trading Account for free, in case you want to get rid of transferring funds from bank to Demat Account).

Along with this, their account opening process is quite smooth. Technically, by opening an account here, you pay almost nothing as fees. Just buy great companies, become the owner, hold them tight, get dividends and enjoy!

So, what are you waiting for?

CLICK HERE to register for free account