Invest Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

What you think, is what you become. The stories you tell yourself and the things you believe about yourself makes you. It decides your future. You must have already heard all of this philosophical lectures before. However, today, I’m going to share my story on how and why I transitioned from a fixed mindset to an invest mindset. Why being in fixed mindset is so dangerous, not only for you but for so many people around you. 

Let me start with a simple question. How many sources of expenses do you have? Just count them! Daily groceries, electricity, gas, water and so many bills. Rent or EMIs for many people. These are all FIXED expenses that you cannot get away from. Along with so many non-fixed expenses such as clothes, luxury, vacations etc. I bet you cannot count the exact number of expenses.

Now let me ask you another question. How many sources of income do you have? I bet not more then one or maximum two. Do you notice a dis-balance? 

One fine day, when I asked this question to myself and gave it a hard thought, I realized there was something terribly wrong. Which made me re-think life and helped me develop an invest mindset to invest in myself and my future.



A very short story

You must have heard the story of a frog and the boiling water. But let me you tell you one important lesson that I learned from it.

The premise is this: If a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in cool water which is then boiled slowly. The frog will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.

This is what happens to our daily lives. When a person goes through a financial crises, serious illness or some kind of hardship, these circumstances give them a reason to pause and reflect. Which is similar to a frog put suddenly into boiling water.

Some call it bad luck, but its an opportunity not available to everyone to reflect and think differently. Because majority people don’t realize their condition as they’re being cooked slowly.

Whether it be financial, emotional, physical or love life. You need to consistently make deliberate attempts to improve it and keep it healthy. You regularly feed your body to stay alive. What about mindset. If not you, then who is going to do it for you?

You are what you eat. It surprises me that people spend more on tasty food rather than on healthy. More on pleasures and less on future. No wonder, they also fall sick and become incapable of working in 40s or 50s. But still are forced to work because they have to pay bills. Social media only shows us the glamorous side but not the other side of the coin. This is why its easy to get fooled. 

Based on my experience, I think the world is changing constantly and it is now a mandate to have an invest mindset (vs fixed mindset) if you wish to live a happy life or at least retire happily some time in future.

Just look at the below image. In just 10 years, both camera-man and helicopter pilot lost their jobs. Not only them, there have been hundreds of professions that are outdated in last few decades.

Ken Rutkowski on Twitter: "In just 10 years both camera man and ...

Now, if you just have 1 skill in your resume, then you’re at high risk. Because we all know, automation is going to ruin many more jobs in future. Moreover, if you just have only a few dollars in your bank’s savings or fixed deposit or in the form of gold then you’re at even more risk. Because inflation is going to consume all your savings.


Let’s not go too far

Just look at your parents or elders around you. You’ll see they have a phobia of using mobile phones, computers and latest technology. Why do elders resist using new technology so much?

Because of a fixed mindset! The older you become, your capacity to absorb new information reduces drastically. So later on, it becomes even more difficult to change from fixed mindset to invest mindset. The mental block they created in their mind that technology is something not their cup of tea, is a sign of fixed mindset.

There are two types of pain you go through in life:-

  1. The pain of discipline and improvement.

  2. The pain of regret.

If you don’t take the pain #1, you automatically get the pain #2 later. 

The crazy world of living in denial

What is even more dangerous? Let’s say there’s an overweight man who doesn’t consider himself as fat. What are the chances that he’ll loose weight? As compared to someone who at least acknowledges the problem. 

In fact it is much easier for an fat guy to at least know that he is going through some kind of problem. Because the indications and symptoms are clearly visible. A mirror, or friends and family members can bring it to his notice.

However, when it comes to financial lives, many poor people are living in darkness. They dress like they’re millionaires. They don’t consider themself as poor, how will others notice that either? Only when the water becomes extremely hot they realize it. They do not even keep the emergency funds, forget about savings and investment

They seek happiness by forgetting themselves. Whether by watching a movie, by being in the arms of the person they love, or by drinking alcohol. Some go out on vacations, some hang around with friends or do constant shopping or eating.

But, it is just a temporary escape from their real life. Only when the movie is finished, the vacation is over. Or the person whom they loved the most leave them, they realize the boiling water.

Just because of your fixed mindset, its not only you who suffers

Your spouse, your children, parents or anyone who is dependent on you. Even the next generations could get impacted because of you.

You came here because you wanted to get more out of yourself – here you will find the tools and motivation you need to get started on your journey to financial freedom and prosperity. Unlock your true potential and achieve everything you’re capable of.

I write articles that keeps your mind improving and helps you achieve financial freedom.

Lastly, many people think financial freedom and prosperity is a myth. It can only be seen in movies or can be dreamed over the social media. If you think that is true then you’re right. If you think you can achieve financial freedom, then too you’re right.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re always right.”

Henry Ford

Tune into reality, before the reality tunes you. 

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