The Second BEST Thing to DO During COVID-19 Lock-down

I know you must be wondering what is the first best thing. It’s obviously to stay safe and keep your immunity strong.

However, the second best thing to do during this COVID-19 lock-down is to do this:

  • Control the Controllables

Checking the stats everyday of how many people are affected with this coronavirus crises is not going to change anything. The numbers will keep on changing with its own pace, whether you care about it or not.

We already know it has become a serious matter because the whole world (almost) has been through a lock-down. Fear and constant worry about something is one factor that can take a toll on your heath. It makes no sense to let your health decline at a time when you might need it the most.

Nobody knows what the outlook is going to be in the next few months and when things will come back to normal. Your and my predictions doesn’t matter to anyone.

Based on my understanding of history and how previous pandemics have occurred, things are not going to be the same for at least a year or two. There is still no guarantee on how things are going to be, so there’s no point worrying about it, because its not in our control. However,

There is one thing that is guaranteed to happen.

Once this COVID-19 lock-down and pandemic is under control, we will hear stories of how someone started a completely new business, wrote entire new book. Invented something, did something creative during this quarantine period.

You might have heard about how Shakespeare composed some of his extraordinary work during the plague of 1605-1606. Newton did the best work of his life, discovered gravity, invented calculus under quarantine in 1665-1666.

Now obviously, nobody knows they’re doing something great when they start.

However, the main ingredients to do something extraordinary is now more easily available then ever.

  • More personal free time
  • Ability to give long hours for deep work
  • Meditation
  • Reading

If you learn only one lesson from this post today, it’ll be more than enough. Which is: Stop worrying about what you can’t control. Start focusing on what you can.

It’s your choice whether you’d like to consume more of the toxic media, or go to Netflix (who is probably least impacted due to this crises and making even more money). Or do something of your own.

So when you come out of this crises, you’ll have a proud feeling that you at least created one good habit, lost a few kilos, read a book or learned a new skill.

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Until then, take care.

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