Important Lesson from My Favorite Movie

Have you heard the name of the movie The Shawshank Redemption?  If not then you’ve probably missed the best movie of all time. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the story-line quickly in few seconds. For people who have already watched it, let’s just do a quick recap.

Remember, the purpose of this article is not to tell you the story of the movie. It’s about the most important lesson you’ll ever learn that will help you build a strong mindset for long term in which ever field or place you go. A value you can cherish throughout your life.

Let’s begin.

  • Meet Andy Dufresne. A successful executive banker..
  • His beloved wife, whom he loved the most was murdered. And he accused of that murder. He gets convicted for a crime, which he did not commit and lands in prison for lifetime.
  • He stays in prison for 19 years. Right from his initial days, he slowly starts digging a tunnel in his prison cell to escape.

important lesson from the shawshank redemption

  • After 19 years, he becomes a free bird. Like this image below.
  • But the movie is not about this.

It’s about something else.

When Andy comes to prison, he loses his wife, reputation, job and above all his freedom. That’s sufficient for any person to lose his mind. Cry, hate the world, blame the luck or think of committing suicide. But he was different. This movie is all about how he responds and acts. How he spent those 19 years in prison.

  • When he is sent to jail, he keeps his calm.
  • Makes friends.
  • Enjoys good moments.
  • Creates some good moments.
  • He writes a letter every week for 6 years to build a library inside the prison. The jailer finally gets fed up and gives the permission to start the library.
  • Above all, he lives a happy life for 19 years with all his difficulties, problems and hurdles intact.
  • He does all these things along with digging the tunnel.

Moral of the story: “Your effort and attitude are the only two things in your complete control”

What can you do with the efforts?

He wanted freedom, he worked for it, for 19 years consistently without losing hope. Similarly, if you’re not born in a rich family, and desire financial freedom. You can save consistently and achieve it someday in future. Not doing anything and blaming your family or circumstances will lead you nowhere. And after 10 years, you’ll be at the same place again.

You may have born into a developing nation, with lack of basic facilities and lack of support from government, family, spouse, etc. Can you change any of it? If yes, then change it, or else accept the fate and change yourself. 

How can a right attitude help?

If you focus on the journey (the road), circumstances will become the product of you. You are more likely to achieve the goal without losing the basic aspects of life.

However, if you focus only on the result (the destination), you will become a product of your circumstances. In this way, you may or may not gain the desired output. However, you will definitely lose all the basic aspects of life.

“Often while traveling, the journey is more beautiful than the destination.”

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